How to Improve Energy Efficiency in Canada Windows and Doors?

How to Improve Energy Efficiency in Canada Windows and Doors

Considering a noticeable temperature difference from one season to the other, the residents of Canada are required to maintain good condition of windows and doors so that they can work efficiently throughout the year. Since winters may go up to -25 degrees and summers raise temperature to +35 degrees approx, it is necessary to go for annual inspection because temperature changes may have negative impact over how Canada windows and doors work. Even, their performance determines if there is a need of replacement or repair can handle everything.

Impact of Temperature Change on Windows and Doors

With rising and falling temperature, there is significant contraction and expansion in the material that cause:

  • Permanent Warping: windows and doors may lose their shape and permanently warp, thus creating gaps between the frame and components to cause air drafts and increase energy bills.
  • Broken Seals: Even the best sealing can crack when there is too much movement between Canada windows/doors and the frames that let air to pass through.
  • Pint Chipping: Having paint on Canada windows and doors means chipping due to moisture or exposure to outside elements that may affect it. Even, direct sunlight causes fading.

These factors amount to unpleasant appearance and major damages that ask for frequent maintenance and repair so that the components can work for more years. In company Totalhome windows and doors we know how to improve your’s home for winter.

Unique Technologies to Restore Efficiency

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