Some Failed-Predicted Technology Products, But Sold Well in Market

Some Failed-Predicted Technology Products, But Sold Well in Market

As a generation that lives in the modern era with various technological advances available, you certainly include those who also use technology products in everyday activities, such as internet, smartphones and other technology products.

Talk about technology products, did you know if it turns out there are some technological products that are now popular and widely used by people just before been underestimated and predicted to fail. One of the technology products mentioned above, the internet, was one of them.

Here are some technology products that are predicted to fail, but they sold well and are widely used today….

1. Amazon Echo

The big question came out of the mouth of technology experts when Amazon intends to integrate Artificial intelligence (AI) technology into a bluetooth speaker. AI technology is considered more suitable pinned to smartphones or other gadgets that have screens.

The assumption was successfully countered because two years after dirilid, Amazon Echo products successfully sold more than five million units. The success ultimately makes Amazon create the next speakers, including those that have a screen.

2. iPod and iPad

These two gadgets output of Apple is initially equally considered to be underestimated and predicted failure. Both the iPod and the iPad are both predicted unable to compete with products that already dominate the market. If the iPod is not able to beat the MP3 Player, iPad is considered not going to have fans because the concept is all-round if between a smartphone and notebook.

The assumption that in fact … Read More

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Helpful Tips to Weatherproof Your Windows Edmonton This Winter

Helpful Tips to Weatherproof Your Windows Edmonton This Winter

Now that winter is upon us, you want to ensure that your home is well-prepared to survive the harsh winters with which Canadian residents are all too familiar. This includes making sure that your windows Edmonton are weatherproofed so that they withstand the winter weather conditions.

Weatherproofing your windows Edmonton can not only keep your home warmer in the brutally cold winter months, but it can also dramatically lower your energy costs. Air leakage can cause your energy bills to sky-rocket so you want to do everything you can to prevent this from happening. There are a few simple steps you can take to resolve this issue.

Here are some helpful tips to help ensure that your windows Edmonton are prepared for brutal weather conditions this winter:

Inspect for Cracks in the Window Frame and Structure

Natural wear and tear will occur no matter how carefully you maintain your windows Edmonton. This will affect how your windows fit in the frame as over time tiny cracks may develop. No matter how little these cracks may be, quite a bit of air can seep inward thus causing a chilly draft.

The first thing you need to do to prep your windows for winter is to carefully inspect each window frame for cracks and gaps. If you notice anything, you can use a caulking gun to fill the area to prevent air leaking. This can save you a lot of money on your winter energy costs.

Check the Window Sashes

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Ensure your Home is Watertight with Waterproofing Paint

Ensure your Home is Watertight with Waterproofing Paint

Leaking roofs and water damage are a nightmare nearly every one of us has experienced. They’re costly to fix, never mind the extra costs for everything else that goes with it. And waterproofing can be expensive… unless you do it yourself with some damp proofing or quality waterproofing paint.

Types of waterproofing paint

Using waterproofing paint and doing the job yourself is a lot more affordable than getting “the guy” to pop over and do it for you, but you need to make sure you have the right materials or it’s all for naught. First thing is to make sure you know what sort of paint you are going to use. Most of you will find will fall under three different categories/types, namely: application, fibre reinforced, and membrane (the exact definitions differ widely, but these give you a rough idea of what is involved).

Application type

This one has been around for many years already, and it is widely known as a preparation and application type paint because of how it is intended to be used together with a bandage. The bandage is a strip of fibrous material which serves to bind the paint and effectively seal off the painted area.

First you prepare the area by applying a layer of waterproofing paint, onto which you will apply the bandage. Once the bandage is placed, you apply more paint to it as required. If done correctly, your roof should now be well waterproofed.

Fibre Reinforced

The advantage of the … Read More

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How to Travel in Style While Still Saving Money this Holiday Season

How to Travel in Style While Still Saving Money this Holiday Season

I absolutely love to travel and try to get out of town as often as possible but at the end of the day it can get expensive. Most people really enjoy going on vacation but the level of stress it can induce is oftentimes greater or comparable to the stress you are trying to alleviate by going on vacation in the first place. There are many reason why people get stressed out when going on vacation. Some people do not like to put themselves outside of their comfort zone so traveling to a foreign location can seem scary and nerve wracking. Other people get stressed out because they are traveling with family and there is a lot of planning involved when you have kids and want to travel. However, the number on reason people get stressed out about going on vacation is because they are worried about the amount of money they think they have to spend.

Traveling Around the Holidays

Of course, everyone wants to go on vacation during the holiday season because it is often much cooler in the North and most people get paid time off from their job during this time of year. Either way you will probably have to use some vacation days to really have enough time to travel, so why not plan your travel a little staggered from the norm. You will definitely save money if you choose to travel on off days that do not see demand. These prices are often cheaper … Read More

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How to Improve Energy Efficiency in Canada Windows and Doors?

How to Improve Energy Efficiency in Canada Windows and Doors

Considering a noticeable temperature difference from one season to the other, the residents of Canada are required to maintain good condition of windows and doors so that they can work efficiently throughout the year. Since winters may go up to -25 degrees and summers raise temperature to +35 degrees approx, it is necessary to go for annual inspection because temperature changes may have negative impact over how Canada windows and doors work. Even, their performance determines if there is a need of replacement or repair can handle everything.

Impact of Temperature Change on Windows and Doors

With rising and falling temperature, there is significant contraction and expansion in the material that cause:

  • Permanent Warping: windows and doors may lose their shape and permanently warp, thus creating gaps between the frame and components to cause air drafts and increase energy bills.
  • Broken Seals: Even the best sealing can crack when there is too much movement between Canada windows/doors and the frames that let air to pass through.
  • Pint Chipping: Having paint on Canada windows and doors means chipping due to moisture or exposure to outside elements that may affect it. Even, direct sunlight causes fading.

These factors amount to unpleasant appearance and major damages that ask for frequent maintenance and repair so that the components can work for more years. In company Totalhome windows and doors we know how to improve your’s home for winter.

Unique Technologies to Restore Efficiency

When it comes to restoring performance of Canada windows and … Read More

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