How to Travel in Style While Still Saving Money this Holiday Season

How to Travel in Style While Still Saving Money this Holiday Season

I absolutely love to travel and try to get out of town as often as possible but at the end of the day it can get expensive. Most people really enjoy going on vacation but the level of stress it can induce is oftentimes greater or comparable to the stress you are trying to alleviate by going on vacation in the first place. There are many reason why people get stressed out when going on vacation. Some people do not like to put themselves outside of their comfort zone so traveling to a foreign location can seem scary and nerve wracking. Other people get stressed out because they are traveling with family and there is a lot of planning involved when you have kids and want to travel. However, the number on reason people get stressed out about going on vacation is because they are worried about the amount of money they think they have to spend.

Traveling Around the Holidays

Of course, everyone wants to go on vacation during the holiday season because it is often much cooler in the North and most people get paid time off from their job during this time of year. Either way you will probably have to use some vacation days to really have enough time to travel, so why not plan your travel a little staggered from the norm. You will definitely save money if you choose to travel on off days that do not see demand. These prices are often cheaper and are only a few days earlier or later than when you would have chosen to travel.

Look for the Deals

When planning your vacation, you should start but checking out what kind of deals there are in the area you are looking to stay. Places like Riu Hotels & Resorts often offer discounts and coupons around this time of year. It can also help to package or bundle your travel costs. For example, if you are flying, booking a car, and planning to go on some kind of tour or excursion, this can often be purchased together as a group to save you money in the end. Look around at the local tour companies or check online to find someone who offers the type of package you are looking for since they are all different depending on where you go.

Travel Light

These are two tips that can save you a great amount of money while traveling. If you can commit to only bringing carry-on luggage than you can save money on airline fees for checked baggage. There are some great options out there for luggage that will meet the size requirements but still offers a lot of space to fit everything you need.

Cook for Yourself

Most of the money I spend while traveling is spent on food. You cannot help that you need to eat, but you can cut costs if you buy a few staple items at the beginning of your stay to help you avoid going out to eat for every meal while you travel.

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