More Festive With Your Own Artificial Christmas Decorations

More Festive With Your Own Artificial Christmas Decorations

There are two major celebrations in December coming almost simultaneously, Christmas and New Year. Both of these celebrations ended up being so special a celebration that it was a pity to pass up. Because in this moment you can celebrate with a special person closest, friend, or family.

A special Christmas decoration will make this special moment more memorable. In addition to Christmas trees that can make the decor become more festive, and also other Christmas ornaments that can beautify the atmosphere. But if you get bored with the same decor every year, you can try the following unique creations to make your Christmas decorations more special.

As per the current theme of Christmas decoration outdoors, using  outdoor Christmas laser lights as a supporter of all your Christmas ornaments, laser lights paired with every Christmas decoration you can make your Christmas decorations look like a colorful Christmas decoration and colorful Christmas atmosphere the more the merrier.

Here’s a Christmas decoration that you can add with laser lights to your liking.

Beautiful torch from a used (glass) bottle

Prepare transparent bottles and paint with your favorite colors, wait until dry. Once dry, fill with kerosene and add a stove axis. Attach the hook on the neck of the bottle with the wire and hang the bottles in a strategic place such as a house fence, tree, or front window. Your home will also look elegant and beautiful with lighting from these bottles.

String lights and lanterns

Need a more lively atmosphere? String lights can be an option. For outdoor parties, choose lanterns with white stringed lights. Make a lantern with a unique shape like a flower shape, a star, and a snowman. Next, place the lantern in the window of your house.

Balloon Lampion

Blow hot air balloons filled with small light bulbs. Blow to medium-sized balloons and then dress irregularly with wet yarn that has been given glue. Once dry, hang the lanterns where you want them to be.

Shining Stars

Usually, a star decoration is placed on the top of a Christmas tree, but this time, you can put it in a different position. Make a shining star from a woolen piece and add a few small lights to make it look shining.

Egg Skin Candle

For a different candle display, you can take advantage of eggshells, you know. The trick to solving the end of the egg so that the remaining more bottom. Then clean the eggshell. Meanwhile, prepare hot water, pour 1 tablespoon of vinegar and the food coloring you want. Dip the egg for about 5 minutes, then dry. Next, fill the eggshell with small candles. Finally, put the egg candles in a container that can hold the eggshell so as not to fall.

Unique Christmas Ball

In order for Christmas ball last year did not look monotonous, take some patterned and colored rags bright. Wrap the Christmas balls and tie them with a rubber band or string, then hang on your Christmas tree.

Flower Lights

Cut the flower-shaped plastic mineral bottle and heat the outer sides with a wax so that the curved flower petals shaped. Next, color the bottle as you wish. Make a small hole in the middle to insert the lamp wires and hang up the flower lights on the Christmas tree or on the plants in your yard.

Disco ball

With CD material, you can also make a lively disco light. The trick, cut into small pieces of a CD with a variety of shapes. Glue on the ball using glue. Do not forget to stick with the shiny side on the outside. Disco lights ready to enliven your Christmas.

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