Some Failed-Predicted Technology Products, But Sold Well in Market

Some Failed-Predicted Technology Products, But Sold Well in Market

As a generation that lives in the modern era with various technological advances available, you certainly include those who also use technology products in everyday activities, such as internet, smartphones and other technology products.

Talk about technology products, did you know if it turns out there are some technological products that are now popular and widely used by people just before been underestimated and predicted to fail. One of the technology products mentioned above, the internet, was one of them.

Here are some technology products that are predicted to fail, but they sold well and are widely used today….

1. Amazon Echo

The big question came out of the mouth of technology experts when Amazon intends to integrate Artificial intelligence (AI) technology into a bluetooth speaker. AI technology is considered more suitable pinned to smartphones or other gadgets that have screens.

The assumption was successfully countered because two years after dirilid, Amazon Echo products successfully sold more than five million units. The success ultimately makes Amazon create the next speakers, including those that have a screen.

2. iPod and iPad

These two gadgets output of Apple is initially equally considered to be underestimated and predicted failure. Both the iPod and the iPad are both predicted unable to compete with products that already dominate the market. If the iPod is not able to beat the MP3 Player, iPad is considered not going to have fans because the concept is all-round if between a smartphone and notebook.

The assumption that in fact can be twisted Apple with the sales of two products that are fairly high. iPod successfully sold 400 million units, while the iPad as much as 15 million units for nine months since its release.

3. Nintendo Switch

This console game was predicted that it will not sell in the market. Many people assume that no one will buy the Nintendo Switch, in addition to true fans of Nintendo. Unexpectedly, Nintendo Switch actually even achieve a phenomenal success. In its first year, this one console successfully sold as many as 14 million units.

4. Xbox

Talk about game consoles, the majority of gamers will be directly on the PlayStation. Microsoft at that time was said to be too ambitious when trying to make a game console to compete with Sony’s console. By continuing to develop in every year and every series it releases, the Xbox can now be said to be balanced, even superior in some aspects when compared to the PlayStation.

5. Website

When Tim Berners-Lee first discovered the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989. Many people underestimated it because it is considered super slow, confusing and some are considered dangerous. It seems no one thought if now the internet has become an important part in human life. This is evidenced by the number of Internet users worldwide who have reached 3.5 billion!

That’s some technology products that are predicted to fail, it turned out to be successful and selling well in the market. Of the above technology products, are there some products you currently have and use? If you still don’t use them and you want to have some technology products, but you don’t have enough budget to buy them, you do not need to be worried. You can get free discount codes and vouchers at Deal Voucherz, so you can buy them with cheaper price.

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