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House & Home ImprovementYOUR MAMAS NOTES: Sometime within the spring of 2011 it was revealed that eleven-time Emmy-profitable cartoonist/writer/producer Matt Groening-that is pronounced Grey-ning, thanks very a lot-planned to hitch his marital wagon to his significantly youthful Argentinian artist gal pal Agustina Picasso. We’re unsure when or the place the ceremony occurred however Your Mama was instructed last week by a properly-informed informant we’ll name Tonya Tipsusoff that Mister Groening and SeƱorita Picasso did indeed marry, so mazel tov to them. Half of those exhibits I by no means noticed, and the other half (whose names are on this listing) I principally don’t agree with. If I were making this list, I would leave Information out, exactly because you possibly can’t compare a machine to a human, Spock would be first and MacGyver second. I do not agree for instance, that House, Urkel and Howser are all smarter than MacGyver. One is a health care provider who has a very slim vary of knowledge – specifically DRUGS. The opposite 2 had been teenage hormonal pushed boys!!

I’ve two cats, they are both 7-8 months outdated. Our girl cat has started to pee on the brand new cat mattress we bought them. It does not matter where the bed is, she pees in entrance of me. Each new toy we got them (like a brand new cat tunel we bought yesterday) she decides to pee on it. Shouldn’t be like she is marking it, as a result of she goes on squat place and is a propper little lake she leaves behind. I do not know what to do, as her litter field is clean, they aren’t left alone more than 5 hours a day and will not be locked in a room once we are away. They’re both in home kittens in the meanwhile. I have washed the bedding several occasions, but she just keeps going again. Any ideas? May it’s stress as a result of we just redecorated the principle room and moved into it? I just cannot make any extra excuses of what is going unsuitable, and can not think of anything new in our life since this began.

This is one of the simplest methods to create a cat scratcher: Simply find a good log to use. Most cats actually choose actual wood logs over the rest. They do not care about fancy or pretty, all they care about is if it is scratchable. A nice log, about eight inches huge or extra and a few ft long, that’s nonetheless pretty contemporary is the last word of their eyes. You may easily discover some good-trying ones within the woods or even go to a place that sells firewood. It is low cost, simple, and widespread, although the shredded pieces of wooden can make a bit of a multitude.

I have two cats, Asia and Joey. They are each fixed and have two litter bins in the basement. Seven months ago Asia peed on me while I was sleeping. So i took her to vet and she or he had a UTI. I acquired her meds and after the two weeks she then started peeing on the couch so i received her more meds.I acquired a new sofa and two months later she peed on it again after which on my bed. I am so fustrated and don’t know what to do? I have gotten UTI meals and have been cleansing her litter field each different day.

Girl G. I’d love to see that one. E-mail me a photo should you can. I’ve thought of that door business, too, but the way the hill is built as much as place the house on it is such a drop-off that an individual has trouble arising it besides on all-fours. My canine and cats had no trouble though. LOL in addition they located it so the rooms overlooking the hillside are mostly a glass wall. I feel the owner needed all that mild coming in instead of turning the house around. Thanks for the read and comment.

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